Fundly Raised $200 million For Good Cause!

1 Nov

Fundly did a press release last week.  I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you–catch you up in case you missed some of this…

  • Fundly reaches $200M! A week ago, Fundly reached a significant milestone having processed over $200M through our platform, $89M of which came through the 2010 election cycle alone.  Read more…
  • More than 50 new customers! Since launching on 10/01/10, we have on-boarded more than 50 new fundraising organizations with ambitious fundraising goals.  Let’s hit them together!
  • MSN Profiles Fundly! MSN was in our offices with a camera crew, and the resulting profile is here:  You can see our offices and hear our story.
  • The awards keep coming! Our team has won 4 awards so far for our product and approach.  Last week we were informed that we are a finalist for the Silicon Valley Business Journal Emerging Tech awards. If you could vote, we’d tell you how, but the whole selection process is mysterious, so we’ll leave it to “The Academy.”

Three favors to ask of you:

1. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Here are the links: and

2.  Forward this email to anyone you know who is responsible for raising money.  We are working with all sizes of customers–as large as state universities, and as small as community theaters.  We can help!

3. Keep the faith. We are proud of our friends!

– Dave Boyce, CEO Fundly


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