How to Integrate Social Fundraising with E-Mail Marketing for 10x Impact

29 Mar

The recent NTEN Benchmark study highlights that Non-Profits still have a much larger e-mail marketing list than they have Facebook followers. In other words: only one out of ten supporters are actually “liking” their Facebook page.

This is why it is foolish to decouple your Facebook or other fundraising effort from your existing donor database and your existing e-mail list. Why would you launch a whole new (social fundraising) effort targeted at only 10% of your potential base (and other than perhaps to learn about this important new medium).

However, social media can become truly strategic if you can integrate both traditional fundraising and new media techniques: for example – ask every supporter when they give an online donation (on your website) to also e-mail their friends about the cause. You could even ask them to post a Facebook message: the issue is not that these people are not on Facebook because they are. They issue is that they are not on YOUR Facebook Fan Page, but rather interact via their Wall with their friends.  Bringing your message to their Facebook wall, brings the message to their friends.


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