Innovation for a Cause

19 Apr

The Nike/Livestrong Chalkbot campaign is one of the most innovative campaigns I’ve ever seen. During the Tour de France in 2009, Nike and Livestrong partnered to build a computerized road painting machine that sprayed inspirational messages in chalk on sections of the course.

The messages were limited to 40 characters and were submitted by everyday people via SMS, Twitter, and the Livestrong website. After a message was painted, a picture of it was taken, tagged with GPS coordinates, and emailed to the person who wrote it.

What was the result? The Chalkbot printed over 36,000 messages and helped raise $4 million during the event, mainly through sales of Livestrong products.

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One Response to “Innovation for a Cause”

  1. Rob William Apr 20 2011 at 4:00 am #

    Participate in Fundraising and raise funds for a noble cause.

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