Three stories on how social media is changing non-profit fundraising

16 Jun

Dave Boyce, CEO of Fundly explains why Fundly decided to launch a social fundraising video contest: “Social Media is here to stay, and it is changing non-profit fundraising. Friends now ask friends to give online. Through this contest we hope to elevate non-profit organizations’ awareness and understanding of the fundraising potential for social media.”

Some examples:

Bobby Bailey for the Global Poverty Project (with Jesse Brune from “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills”)
“I have been eating for $1.50 a day to raise awareness for the billion people who are forced to live for under a $1.50 a day, every day. We are using YouTube videos to increase understanding about global poverty. It’s a great way to get the word out.”

Michael LaFemina for the Alliance for Climate Education
“This is what friends do – they help each other. Using Facebook updates we are getting hundreds of thousands of high-school students around the country to care about climate change and – maybe – to get my former high-school prom date to donate to a great cause. Maybe she will support us because she likes our work, or maybe just because she likes my status update and remembers all the gummy bears I brought her in high school. It starts with social media and it’s a simple ask of friends asking friends.”

Kristen Parrinello for Furnishing Hope
“With over half the world’s population age 30 and younger, the millennial and digital native generation are more plugged in than any other generation. Therefore we see the value in investing in online fundraising. Developing an online community is a great way to find people who are passionate about our work.”

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