Implementing a Social Media Policy

10 Oct

I’d be hard pressed to create a list of ten people who didn’t have a Facebook, Twitter or e-mail account. This method of communication has become so commonplace and vital to social networking. However, many companies and organizations are neglecting to create parameters of professionalism for this newer media. Benjamin Franklin stated that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are some guidelines that you may want to adopt as you create your social media policy.

First of all, what is the mission of your organization and how is social media going to aid in the advancement of your goals? Every word typed, every comment posted, each tweet sent into the cyber world is a reflection of your non-profit. Whether it be on behalf of your cause or during personal time, your employees are a reflection of your company.

Several months ago there was a story in the media pertaining to nursing students who took pictures of their lab work (which involved human specimens) and they posted their pictures on Facebook… bad move. There was a controversy on whether or not these students should be expelled from their nursing program. I think the lesson learned is that with social media the lines are blurred between private life, public life and professionalism. Be sure your sins will find you out… especially if you post them for the world to see; use discretion.

I think another issue to consider is that what is said in conversation may not be appropriate for social media networks. It’s easy to say that someone misunderstood what you said, but with technology you’ve just created tangible evidence. Choose your words carefully.

The next topic is to give credit where credit is due. Consider copyright laws and common courtesy.

Most of these seem obvious, but all are worth consideration. Sharlyn Lauby has a great article on this topic on if you’d like more information on creating a social media policy for your organization. It’s worth the time and energy to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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One Response to “Implementing a Social Media Policy”

  1. Travel Nursing Jobs Oct 30 2011 at 4:38 am #

    I really enjoyed your post. Nice work! I have read similar stories where nurses end up sharing too much online. Most of the time they just want to share some of their experiences with their friends but take it too far. Social media can be a very powerful tool but needs to be used with caution and consideration.

    We work with staffing agencies help nurses find travel nursing jobs so we have seen the good and bad effects of online social interaction first hand.

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