Mitt Romney’s Strong Position as a 2012 Presidential Candidate

25 Oct

The Wall Street Journal has published a couple of insightful articles pertaining to Mitt Romney and his position in the 2012 Presidential Election.  Although his numbers seem to be stuck at the polls with approximately one quarter of the Republican presidential-primary vote, they haven’t fluctuated like many of his colleagues. Romney also is dominating Wall Street in the fundraising department above his fellow Republican candidates; not too shabby.

Gerald Seib, WSJ Washington Bureau Chief, in a Wall Street Journal video clip states that “Romney support is broader than it seems.” Seib calls Romney the “Steady Eddie of American Politics right now… there’s a core that’s sticking with Mitt Romney and frankly it’s probably enough to get him a nomination at the end.” Although Romney isn’t the first choice for many Republicans, he is usually their second choice and that seems to be a strong enough compromise within the party.

Secondly, Romney is in the lead for Republican financial support on Wall Street. Brody Mullins and Danny Yadron write in the WSJ that “latest available data shows the former Massachusetts governor cast a wider net while dominating the race for Wall Street, the single largest source of campaign cash in presidential elections.

“A quarter of the biggest donors to Mr. Romney’s campaign are hedge fund managers, investment bankers and others on Wall Street, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of more than 10,000 individuals who donated the maximum amount allowed to the presidential candidates so far this year.”

In this race to the White House, it seems like Romney is going to be a strong contender on behalf of the Republican Party. He has a strong supporter base across age groups, has the financial backing to continue on the road to the election, and he is a good middle ground politician for the GOP to agree upon.


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