Nextdoor opens to a new frontier of social media

8 Nov

A new social network called Nextdoor launched and joined the recent trend of hyper-local social networks.

Nextdoor describes itself as a place where you can “meet neighbors, get recommendations for local services, and learn about neighborhood events.” Not to worry, Nextdoor offers a secure website for all members to verify that they live in the neighborhood they say they do.

An intrigued friend of mine decided to join the network the day it launched. After entering her address and e-mail address, she was informed that no one had launched Nextdoor in her neighborhood yet, but they would notify her when they did.

Surprised, she wondered why she couldn’t launch the network. She read on to a wanted ad for “one motivated neighbor” who could be the “founding member” of Nextdoor in her neighborhood.

She considered it, but she is a busy person and realized she might not be the community leader (the head of the H.O.A. or a P.T.A. parent, Nextdoor suggests) that Nextdoor was looking for. Though my friend was a little disappointed she could not easily launch her local social network the moment she wanted to, Nextdoor is smart to be selective about its Founding members.

This social networking site, like so many others, has tremendous potential. Nextdoor realizes that this potential is best tapped by strong leaders. Technological tools are only as strong and effective as those who use them, and a community-minded leader is just the person to use these tools well.

Like Nextdoor’s cutting edge social media network, Fundly’s social fundraising platform has tremendous potential to reach out to community. The community-minded leader of your organization is just the person to look into opening a free account with Fundly today. Check us out!


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