America’s top charities weather the storm

22 Nov

A recent article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that though non-profits expect to bring in more money than they did last year but that they still haven’t made up for ground they lost in the economic downturn.

Charities on The Chronicle’s Philanthropy 400 list raised 8 percent less than they did in 2007. The Chronicle found that the biggest gainers are those charities who tend to receive donated goods such as food and medicine. Charities who tend receive donations in the form of stock are also experiencing gains.

Though cash donations are generally down, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, both in the top 10 of the Philanthropy 400 list, are up. The Chronicle reports that donations to the Salvation Army, with a new “Doing the most good” campaign, grew 5.1 percent and that the American Red Cross, responding to the 2010 Haiti raised a whopping 64 percent more.

A recent study of 800 charities from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative shows that organizations with budgets under $3 million were less likely to report gains. Arts organizations, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, have also seen steep declines. Recently receiving a promise for sponsorship from two companies, the Institute will allow clients of these companies special access to the museum, private tours and cocktail receptions.

Organizations like the Art Institute of Chicago are smart to use the experiences they can offer others as a way to secure donations and sponsorship.

Some organizations, such as the Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital, are working on attracting younger donors by organizing fundraising events like dance marathons targeted at young people.

Other charities, like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, are increasingly turning to social media for a fundraising boost. Todd Hendricks, the ASPCA’s senior vice president for development, talked to The Chronicle about the challenges in linking fundraising and social media.

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