SplashMedia Highlights Fundly’s Impact on Holiday Giving

2 Dec

I had the privilege of sharing with SplashMedia the exciting work that is being done here at Fundly to aid non-profits in social media fundraising. With the holidays upon us, Fundly has been a vehicle in promoting holiday giving campaigns and we are eager to share success stories. This is the best time of year to raise funds, and social media is the best way to do it!

SplashMedia is a team of marketers who mix technology and creativity to reach the masses. Always on the cutting edge, SplashMedia promotes companies via social media networks with stellar results. It was an honor to be interviewed by writer Renay San Miguel and to have the spotlight on Fundly this week.

The holidays inspire people to go the extra mile to help those who are down on their luck or need an extra little boost. I was eager to share some examples of the charities that we are privileged to help with our social media online giving program. We are promoting some really inspirational campaigns, all the way from helping people with illnesses to buying kids bicycles for Christmas to getting equipment into schools for end-of-year drives. It really is a magical time of the year!

In addition to holiday campaigns, I was also thrilled that I was able to share how easy Fundly is to use. Fundly takes the promise of social media for non-profits as an inexpensive, user-friendly way for these organizations to raise money and ties it to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Organizations can set up campaign microsites in five minutes using Fundly, which then helps manage their social media pages for fundraising and recruiting purposes. Fundly also provides a Facebook app that can help incentivize the donation process. Since 2009, Fundly has helped non-profits raise more than $230 million.

The word is getting out that social media is the key to success in non-profit fundraising, and Fundly is the best way that I can think of to accomplish that goal – especially during the holidays. Our mission is to bring world-class, best of class fundraising tools to all non-profits, no matter what size or budget.


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