5 Ways to Lose Your Donors

23 Dec

In a previous post I quickly referenced why some women stop giving to a charity that they’ve been fairly dedicated to. For some reason this topic keeps rattling in my brain and I can’t help but write about it.

Here are my TOP 5 ways to lose your donors:

Too many solicitations – It comes in ebbs and waves, but many times just when I’m ready sit down and enjoy a nice quiet meal, the phone rings. I let the answering machine get it and the next night, it rings again but I am still too hungry to get it. Finally, on the third night I answer it, annoyed and frustrated that someone would ask me for money when I am relaxing and at dinner time, and I respond to the solicitation with a firm “Sorry, but please take me off your list.” Whether it’s about my cable service or if my alma mater needs money for a scholarship fund, their timing is bad and I’m not giving a credit card number. I also gave to a certain charity about a month ago and since then, they have sent me the same packet of Christmas cards three times. Um, thanks, but no thanks.

Not valuing volunteers – Volunteers can be an important part of any organization; they can save you money on a salary, they can spread your message to their friends and they even slip in a check or two into your bank account. However, how you treat them and their services can make all the difference. If you ask a volunteer to help, make them wait around and then never use the project they completed, they’ll probably move on to somewhere where they feel needed.

How does your clientele represent you to donors? – Now you can’t please everyone all the time, but what does your clientele say about you? If they are soliciting funds, are they polite and respectful? Do they have raving reports about how you’ve helped them? If they come into one on one contact with your supporters, what would they say? If you produce a product or service, how is the quality?

Cash the check – I sent a monthly check to one organization, but they never seemed to deposit it in a timely manner. After one check was held on to for six months, I stopped giving. If they could wait that long to deposit my money, I guess they didn’t need it that bad.

Ease of giving – Many people choose to give online, so do you offer this option on your website? Is your site easy to navigate, quick to load and simple to use? I’ve shopped online countless times but when I get to the check out portion, if the payment doesn’t work right I click out of that page. I don’t have the time or patience to deal with faulty sites. If they won’t take my money someone else will. At least with this point, Fundly can help you make online giving quick, easy and profitable.

In many cases, it can take a ton of effort to gain a donor, so you certainly don’t want to lose them. Hopefully these tips help you maintain giving partners for many years of success in fundraising.


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