Technology Makes Giving Online a Breeze for Donors

6 Jan

If there is a saying that applies to fundraising, I’d have to say that it would be “strike while the iron’s hot.” If you have a donor’s attention and they are willing to give, the more convenient you make the transaction the better. If you wait five minutes or even a day it seems like the opportunity withers away. Fortunately with technology, giving can be done almost instantly via phone or computer.

In the Fairfax City Patch reporter Lydia Patrick explains how technology is making great strides in non-profit fundraising. Through texting donations, QR codes, and online giving, charities have a variety of ways that donors can contribute to their cause.

With the many hurricanes and natural disasters that have struck our world over that past few years, texting donations via cell phone has become a great way to garner funds in an emergency situation. Patrick explains how donors can use this method for giving: “The sponsoring charitable organization provides the phrase to text and the number in their announcements. An example would be ‘text GIVE to 123456’. You’ll get a text back asking you to confirm. Reply yes. The donation amount plus a fee for processing the transaction will be on your next phone bill. You may also be charged for the text messages depending on your text message plan. Your phone bill serves as your donation receipt.

QR codes have become popular in the retail world, especially in catalogs where more information might be needed. These funky little black and white stamped sized squares have moved to the non-profit realm and can appear on posters or flyers to give the donor the option to “Scan the QR code with your QR Reader app. The Web browser on your device will open to the Web address provided in the QR code. Complete any requested information. Enter your donation amount and payment option,” explains Patrick.

Another method of giving is through a web browser. Most charities have a box located on the top of their website that says “donate.” If you don’t have this option, Fundly can equip you with the online fundraising tools you’ll need to make giving quick and easy for your donors and cost efficient for you.

Technology is always advancing by leaps and bounds. When you know what options are available, you can tap into an inexpensive and easy way to connect to more donors, volunteers and partners.


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