Social Media for Non-Profits Conference to Empower Charitable Organizations

20 Jan

Fundly is proud to be the Lead Sponsor in the upcoming Social Media for Non-Profits Conference which will take place in New York City on January 30, 2012. With social media fundraising growing exponentially, there is a large gap for many non-profits concerning the dollars they could be accumulating verses their current fundraising strategies. This conference builds an amazing bridge for charities to cross to meet their donors in the social media world.

This event boasts of having some of the top leaders in the non-profit world who are successfully implementing online fundraising to reach countless donors. Their success stories and valuable advice will undoubtedly change the way many organizations view and implement technology into their fundraising tactics. From insight on how to go viral to maximizing your Facebook presence to monitoring and optimizing the impact of your campaigns, there is a topic and presenter who will inform and motivate leaders at every level.

I am honored to be one of the guest speakers among such a high caliber group of non-profit and social media trendsetters and I am thrilled to share the incredible ways that Fundly is benefiting charities and political campaigns. With over $237 million raised, our goal is to maximize the online giving potential of our clients. With minimal effort and financial investment, the returns that we are seeing are truly incredible.

The focus of this conference will be on providing practical tips and tools for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy, all delivered by dynamic experts (such as Carolyn Miles, Director and CEO of Save the Children and Alex Abelin, Community Affairs Manager for Google) in keynotes, workshops, roundtables, and panels. The sessions are designed to provide attendees with concrete insights and takeaways, showcasing best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and free, helpful resources for nonprofits and causes.

This conference promises to be a valuable resource for organizations to raise money online. This is one event that is not to be missed!


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