Fundraising News Roundup

25 Jun

As summer heats up, so too are fundraising efforts across the country. From viral videos to national campaigns, here’s the latest on the individuals, groups and organizations that are using social fundraising to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Outpouring of support for viral video victim

One particularly moving tribute to a woman in New York has gone viral through the power of social media and social fundraising.

A 10-minute video of an elderly bus monitor being viciously berated by the children she was meant to protect made its way onto the internet this week, sparking outrage and sympathy across the nation. A complete stranger, however, decided to make a difference by setting up a social fundraising effort to raise $5,000 and give the monitor a vacation.

As of June 22, with 29 days still to go, the campaign had vastly exceeded its goal, raising more than $517,000 from nearly 25,000 donors. A second social fundraising effort was started to reward the man who set up the original campaign. It, too, has already exceeded its goal.

Fundly campaigns to benefit America’s youth

Teach for America – Teach for America is putting a team together to compete in the Chicago Marathon. Each runner has an individual fundraising goal of between $750 and $1,250, depending on when they registered, and the organization as a whole is attempting to raise $125,000 through social fundraising on Timeframe: ongoing until the race in October.

Youth Speaks – Young adult education and empowerment group Youth Speaks recently received a challenge gift of $150,000 toward its Future Legacy Campaign, which will fund 15 years of operations. To receive the matching funds, the organization turned to social fundraising through Fundly. Timeframe: If it can raise the funds by July 31, the group will be 75 percent of the way toward its overall goal of $1 million.

Teen pop sensation uses social fundraising to ‘make it better’

Music Makes it Better – Justin Bieber recently lent his star power to a new social fundraising campaign to benefit the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. The hospital hopes to raise $25,000 to fund art and music therapy services for children.

Hope to Haiti 2012 – Charity organizations are still raising funds to help the survivors of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Hope to Haiti 2012 this week completed its goal of raising $200,000 to help rebuild homes, communities and lives by using crowdsourcing to reach donors.

FEC allows text donations to presidential campaigns

Presidential campaigns – Both candidates are using social media and other next-gen channels to bring in vast amounts of cash. President Barack Obama and GOP contender Mitt Romney are appealing to donors through text message. Donors to organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity have long been able to send money via text message, but the Federal Election Commission decided last week to allow campaign donations of up to $50 through text.

Youth making a difference through charitable donation

The Millennial Impact Report – A new report from young adult group The Millennial Impact found that 75 percent of people aged 20 to 35 gave to charity last year, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Not only that, members of this group were more likely to reach out to friends and family members to help raise money through social fundraising efforts. Roughly 70 percent of respondents to the survey indicated they were more than willing to solicit donations from loved ones.


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