5 More Top Nonprofit Leaders to Follow

16 Aug

In the last post, we highlighted five of our favorite nonprofit leaders that we find the most informative, innovative, and applicable for the nonprofit community. Here are five more useful blogs and nonprofit leaders to follow. (Please note that the list is in no particular order. Each expert brings something different to the table and they are all awesome!)

5)      Jeff Brooks: @JeffBrooks Seattle, WA; Blog: Future Fundraising Now

Brooks is great at finding current statistics, articles, and relevant blog posts, conveniently summing them up in one quaint package. His site is a treasure trove of information that varies from creating captivating content to syncing your online and offline fundraising strategies. When I read his posts, I want to print them and use them as checklists for future campaigns – they’re that good.

6)      Beth Kanter: @Kanter San Francisco, CA; Blog: Beth’s Blog

Heartfelt, real, and done right; these are the first words that come to mind when describing Kanter’s work. She has gorgeous pictures, compelling graphics, concise bullet points, and excellent content. From inspiring personal stories about her adopted children from Cambodia, to using social media to attract high level donors, you can’t help but walk away from her blog feeling refreshed and ready to make the world a better place.

7)      Pam Moore: @PamMktgNut Tampa, FL; Blog: Pam Marketing Nut

Scrolling down the list of Pam’s past posts, you can’t help but say to yourself “I could really use that info!”  Her posts are often times organized into lists, making them easy and quick to read, while providing useful information. She continually provides great ideas on how to maximize your nonprofit’s use of social media and content marketing  You don’t have to be a marketing expert, Moore’s fun and informative blog provides the tips and advice you need to develop and maintain a winning strategy. (And it’s always entertaining when social media guru “Granny” stops by for a guest blog post!)

8)      Heather Mansfield: @nonprofitorgs Springfield, MO; Blog: Nonprofit Tech 2.0

In the world of ever-changing technology, sometimes trying to keep up can result in my brain turning to mush. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the trends in the nonprofit world – a feeling that can easily get exacerbated when you add the the rapid growth of technology into the mix. It can be confusing attempting to apply the traditional ways of fundraising to the new platforms of social networking, but Mansfield easily incorporates online resources into any fundraising campaign. She uploads a plethora of samples, stories, and strategies that can benefit organizations regardless of their size or budget.

9)      Debra Askanase: @askdebra Boston, MA; Blog: Community Organizer 2.0

Askanase addresses social media, marketing, and fundraising with intelligence and practicality that is thought-provoking and clearly stated. Topics often times focus on content curation and social media strategizing, giving nonprofits tips on how to optimize their story and resources to make the most out of their online presence. She brings a fresh perspective and new resources to the table.

10)      Seth Godin: @ThisIsSethsBlog Hastings-on-Hudson, New York; Blog: Seth Godin’s Blog

Godin’s blog is completely random (in a good way) and is the equivalent of trekking up the hill to ask advice from a meditative monk. Some days he focuses on technology, other days fundraising, and yet many times he simply  provides a commentary on life. That’s probably why I like it – there are only so many articles you can read about content, what time of day to post on social media, and how to redesign your website. Sometimes you just need to take a step back. Godin balances thoughtfulness and pensive remarks with the business of philanthropy.


One Response to “5 More Top Nonprofit Leaders to Follow”

  1. Debra Askanase (@askdebra) Aug 16 2012 at 10:34 am #

    Thanks so much for including me in this list of esteemed colleagues, many of which I read and look up to as well. I’d also add the wonderful Amy Sample Ward and Holly Ross at NTEN, Allison Fine, Hildy Gottlieb, and Lisa Colton to this, among others!

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