Fundly News Roundup: The Year of Crowdfunding Continues

22 Sep

The federal government ruled recently on whether small business startups can use crowdfunding as a method for raising capital, while individuals and organizations across the globe continue to use social fundraising to meet their needs. Here’s a roundup of the week’s fundraising news:

The SEC Rules!

Securities and Exchange Commission – Following the direction of President Obama, who included a provision calling for business crowdfunding in the recently passed JOBS Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission decided recently to establish a set of rules that will allow ordinary investors to work with emerging enterprises to create businesses and jobs, according to Forbes. While a lot of the details are still emerging – the SEC hasn’t yet ruled on full-blown business funding and the deadline isn’t until December 31, Forbes said – it is likely the new guidelines will change the nature of crowdfunding portals entirely.

Fundly in the news

Michelle Shutzer – When Michelle Shutzer decided to try a naturopathic approach to her cancer treatments, she found the therapies were not covered by her insurance. Though she was reluctant to ask for help, a friend convinced her to start a campaign to raise money for her treatment. The campaign, which was featured recently on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, is fast approaching its $20,000 goal.

Educated initiative

IIT-Jusoor Scholarships – Jusoor, which means “Bridges” in Syrian, is an organization that focuses on helping Syrians through education and other initiatives. Recently, the group partnered with the Illinois Institute of Technology to kick off a fundraising campaign with the goal of helping 50 Syrians travel to the United States to earn their undergraduate degrees. The campaign concludes at the end of September.

A.S.I.A. – The A.S.I.A. organization recently started a project it hopes will help raise money to sponsor two high school students for an Annual College Preparatory Educational Program and Black College Tour. The goal of the program is to help high school juniors and seniors visit historically black colleges and learn about some of the educational opportunities available to them. The tour will pass through Howard University, Coppin State, Morgan State and Bowie State before returning to Buffalo, New York.

Happiness is a warm bun

Hungry 4 Happiness – A new fundraising campaign from Project Happiness will use social media outreach and blogger calls-to-action to spread the word about a series of dinner parties being hosted as part of the “Hungry 4 Happiness” initiative. According to, participants in the campaign will be encouraged to post pictures of their dinner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which will enter them in a competition to win a two-month supply of coconut water from one of the project’s sponsors. All proceeds go to provide school supplies around the world.

Stop and smell the (virtual) roses

Flowers of Thanks – Across the ocean in England, the Meningitis Trust has created a new fundraising campaign it says is designed specifically to be shared online. The virtual “Flowers of Thanks” garden is a website where people can make a donation and plant a flower in memory of a loved one who was affected by the disease. The site accepts donations of £10 or more, and allows people to share their stories with others.

Community action

The Amazing Raise – A non-profit group in Richmond, Virginia, exceeded all expectations when it broke a fundraising record within eight hours of launching the 36-hour “Amazing Raise” campaign, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The state’s governor even remarked on the accomplishment via Twitter, noting that, “Folks are revved up and we love it!” Proceeds were disbursed among a variety of area groups.


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