Fundraising for Tragedy

17 Dec

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

We all watched with horror as the details of the shooting at Sandy Hook have unfolded.

After the shock of “Why?” wears off we ask “How can I help?”

Crowdfunding offers one way for those who feel “powerless” to make a difference by offering direct assistance to those in need. When tragedy strikes, we are all well served to come together and unite – we are stronger as a group than as individuals. Be inspired by these individuals who felt compelled to act:

What Can I do?

If you are directly associated with an individual or group impacted  you should, by all means, create an account and raise money for those affected. Rarely do individuals ask for help directly, so it is completely appropriate to raise fund for them. After you’ve created a campaign, promoting the page is paramount. It is likely that others feel the way you do and sharing with them allows them to channel their “How can I help?” energy towards your chosen cause.

If you are not directly associated but feel passionate about raising money for a person or group, creating a campaign can still be  a good way to go. But remember, launching a successful campaign is more than just creating a Fundly page. You need to be committed to ongoing promotion and support of the campaign. The best way to do that is to enable others to join in your efforts. Making a movement is more important that blazing your own trail.

If you are motivated to make a difference, but perhaps not able to commit to a longer engagement to a specific cause, you are best served by joining an existing campaign. Search on fundraising websites like Fundly for a cause that resonates with you (maybe counseling services inspire you more than tangible needs like funeral expenses). Then donate to that campaign or become a fundraiser in support of that campaign.

Will my Campaign Succeed?

In the times around a tragedy, the purpose of Crowdfunding is more than just raising money. The act of selflessly helping others provides us a way to channel our energies for positive purposes. If you set a goal of $2,000 and only raise $300 that is not a failure. It is a small success. Your campaign will be cathartic for you and for those affiliated with your campaign. And in times of need, sometimes the act of coming together for a common purpose IS the purpose.


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