How can I support a cause without opening my wallet? Taking your support beyond the donation…

8 Mar

Donations are always a great way to show support for a cause, but most supporters can only give once in a short time period, if they can afford to donate at all. So how can someone support your cause without making a donation?

Answer: Spread the Word!

With that answer, not only will people feel like they have a way to channel their passion for your cause, but it also:

  • exposes more people to your cause who may never have had a chance to experience it
  • increases the likelihood of receiving more donations
  • completes the cycle by asking everyone who experiences your cause to ‘pass it on’

If you’ve watched our video “Crowdfunding Success in 2 Easy Steps,” you know that one of the keys to fundraising success is to drive traffic to your campaign page. Well, asking people to spread the word is just another way to ask people to help you drive traffic!

Spreading the word is crucial to ensuring you capture your supporters’ passion and realize the goals you’ve set forth for your cause.

Let people know they can channel their passion for your cause by becoming a:

  • Supporter – It’s as simple as clicking on ‘Support’ on your Fundly page
  • Donor – The most well understood and appreciated way to show support.
  • Fundraiser – Anyone can do it by just clicking on Become a Fundraiser from your Fundly page and then sending emails, posting to Facebook and/or Tweeting about a cause.

The best part of using Fundly to recruit Supporters, Donors and Fundraisers is that ALL of them are given an experience that encourages them to spread the word about a cause.

If you are diligent about reminding folks to become a Supporter, Donor and/or Fundraiser they WILL get involved and you will reap the rewards!!!


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