Why fundraising and Fundly became an important part of my life

26 Mar

About a year ago a crippling disease took away my sons ability to live a normal life.  He is a 3 year-old boy who will never know what it’s like to walk or even breathe without assistance.  Getting this news was heartbreaking, it was life changing and it was eye opening. I was now made brutally aware of how unsafe the world is and how much need for awareness and funds there is in the world.

I saw the many, many disparate causes in the world that didn’t fall under a big enough umbrella to receive enough attention, support or funds. I felt helpless to help any of them, helpless to help my son.  I was powerless to fund research or afford the medical equipment he needed.

I looked and looked and wondered where individual fundraisers, the under $20 million organizations, the communities, the nonprofits that didn’t have deals with major retailers or dozens of staff members could make a difference in this world.

Where was the place for a father trying to raise funds to afford medical equipment for his son?

I’d like to say I found Fundly, but that was my friend.  He set up a campaign and sent it to me.  We thought it was the best option, so we made some edits and activated the campaign, which sent it through our social networks.  Within 24 hours we had $5,000, almost 70% of our goal.  My jaw, along with some tears, dropped.

I discovered that I had a whole community of people, people who cared; people who wanted to help but didn’t know how; people who weren’t aware or just needed to be asked.  Fundly gave me that way to ask and I hadn’t even realized it.  We raised $19,500.

19 people clicked on the “Become a Personal Fundraiser” button on our Fundly page, raising between $100 and $2,500 each.  I never asked a single one of them to do it, nor explain to them how to do it.

Working for Fundly I’ve since learned how we make it easy for people to rally behind a cause in a way that is difficult and cumbersome otherwise.

But before I knew about open graph integration with Facebook. Before I knew that Habitat for Humanity has found huge success with Fundly.  Before I knew all the technical innovations that make Fundly work, I knew that through Fundly I could now afford a wheelchair for my son.

And that is why I believe in Fundly.


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