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A New World of Fundraising

20 Mar

In a recent post on PhilanTopic, our CEO, Dave Boyce, describes a new generation of fundraisers, “one that simultaneously distrusts traditional institutions and places great value in social networks.” ┬áThis generation has demanded a way to directly impact the causes they care about and they’re getting it through crowdfunding. I highly recommend this quick read to anyone who has ever considered fundraising for any cause, whether that cause is a registered nonprofit, a local organization or a personal endeavor.

Read Dave’s Thought Piece


A Mission to make everyone a philanthropist.

11 Mar

A Mission to make everyone a philanthropist.

Check out how our Customer Experience Officer (CEO) “does what he loves for a living” in Business News Daily…

Fundly on Teen Kids News – an Award Winning TV News Show for kids

19 Feb

teen kids news

Teen kids News does a great overview about how inspiring teens are using CrowdFunding to raise money for causes they believe in. View the segment on the Teen Kids News website for from Fundly’s Vimeo page.